Saturday, June 07, 2008

Rideout to Sedburgh and Hawes

Been on an eventful rideout today with NUKB led by DocB. We started out by going through the Trough of Bowland, not sure some of the guys expected it to be so twisty and bumpy. We then made our way to Bikes @Trough of Bowland Devil’s Bridge for a brew and unfortunately Wolfrunner dropped his bike in the car park. We quickly got his bike up and apart from a bruised leg he was fine and continued on the rideout with us. We met up with BigFatBloke from the NE arm of NUKB at Devil’s Bridge and then proceeded through Sedbergh on our way to Hawes.

After being stuck at the back for a while in the twisties I eventually decide to go off the front to catch up the other guys. I took a slight Lee's CBR & Jag right hander under the viaduct and the back twitched, oh great look at this crap that has been laid on the road. The road surfaces around this part of the Dales have recently been re-surfaced with what can only be described as gravel. As I went a but further I noticed some people in the road flagging me down and then noticed a biker in the middle of the road and a bike stuffed into the front of a parked Jag. I pulled over and found it was Lee’s CBR in the road, after a brief while we ascertained that Lee was OK and got him to his feet and sat him down. Then proceeded to remove his bike from the Jag. After the Ambulance and Police had left we fixed Lee's bike up as best as we could and he bravely rode it home.

UPDATE - Lee's bike is now fixed and back on the road.

Lee's CBR


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Crossgates (Wales)

Went on a rideout with NUKB today down to Crossgates in Wales, the road down there is 30 miles of sweeping bends and tight corners, shame it takes so long to get to the good bit. All the time we were in Wales we kept getting texts saying itIce Cream Stop was raining back home. Eventually on the way home we hit rain and had to jump back on the M6 and miss out on the run up the Cat and fiddle.

I did have a big moment today, went into a corner following Turbohornet as he was about to turn in he was hit right in the middle of his visor with a massive fly splat, which made him run deep into the corner which also distracted me, I turned in and then realised that the corner was getting sharper and sharper, I pushed on the bar twice to make it round which resulted in the bikes right hand peg touching down, but the viffer gripped and made it round without a twitch.