Thursday, March 14, 2013

Givi V47 Topbox and Rack

I have just taken delivery of a Givi V47 Topbox and a SW Motech Alu-Rack for my BMW K1300S. I ordered both items from BykeBitz and both items arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

K1300 SW Motech Alu-Rack I have just fitted the Alu-Rack and it was a pretty straightforward install. The instructions were accurate and the rack fitted in place of the rear grab handles perfectly. I also installed the Givi Monokey adaptor plate and this seems to be a really quality piece of kit. The top fixings for the panniers also fitted perfectly on the new rack and I had no issues putting the panniers on the bike.

Givi V47 Topbox The Givi V47 Topbox is also a quality bit of kit and looks very strong and fully waterproof. It also seems to fit more securely than my Honda topbox ever did on my old VFR. All in all I am very pleased with my purchases and feel the products should last and will fulfill my luggage requirements when we go touring. Although I think I will only have the rack fitted when we go away as it does slightly spoil the look of the bike.


Sunday, March 03, 2013

Derbyshire Run

I went out with NUKB today on a run around Derbyshire. I left home at around 9:45 and headed over to Holmfirth via the A6052 and the A635 to meet up with Gary and Scotsy.

We left Holmfirth and headed on the A6024 towards Woodhead Reservoir. I do really like the A6024 as it has plenty of different types of corners and lots of elevation changes, plus it is usually pretty quiet. We then crossed over the A628 and joined the B6105 and headed over to Glossop. We stopped in Glossop at a local cafe for coffee and a bacon and egg barm.

We left Glossop and headed on the A57 towards Ladybower Reservoir on the infamous Snake Pass. This is a great road however it is often spoiled by vast amounts of traffic and the 50mph limit doesn’t help either. Today the traffic wasn’t too bad and so we were able to make some progress quite easily. AA5004 Lay-By Stopt Ladybower Reservoir we turned onto the A6013 and headed for Hope. We then turned left onto the A6187 and headed towards Hathersage. In Hathersage we joined the B6001 and headed for Bakewell via Calver. In Bakewell we joined the B5055 and followed that over the A515 and towards Longdor. We then turned right and headed back to the A515 via some minor roads. We joined the A515 and passed through Buxton and then joined the really twisty A5004 and headed for Whaley Bridge. We stopped just outside Whaley Bridge in a lay-by and had a coffee at a butty van.

We left there and headed via Chapel-en-le-Frith and Castleton back to Ladybower Reservoir. The Yorkshire guys turned right here and headed for home, were as I turned left and headed back over the Snake Pass to Glossop. From here I retraced my outward route all the way back home via Holmfirth and Oldham.


Saturday, March 02, 2013

K1300S MOT and Tax

Took the BMW down to Williams BMW in Manchester yesterday to have its MOT done. I was also informed when I arrived that it also needed a recall doing on it. This turned out to be the fitment of a cam chain jump guard. After reading several forum posts about the subject this recall is to protect against the cam chain jumping a tooth on the cam BMW Chain Guardchain sprockets and the pistons slamming into the valves and destroying the motor. This can happen on higher mileage bikes were the chain might of stretched a bit. When the engine is started cold the cam chain tensioner doesn’t put enough tension on the chain hence it can jump in certain circumstances.

The bike obviously past the MOT as it is still virtually brand new, so today I went down to the post office to tax it. Looks like Gary off NUKB is putting on a ride tomorrow so I might go out for a bit of a blast with them.