Monday, April 27, 2009

Back Roads to Reeth

Helen and I went on a ride yesterday with NUKB on a route taking in some minor back roads to Reeth. I planned and led the rideout but it was a very poor turnout this weekend. Not sure if it was post Big Meet blues or not. Anyway we had a nice day and the weather was great all day and the roads were bumpy but the scenery was fantastic.


View of Great Clowder We met up with Ray the only other NUKB member out today at around 9:45am at Clitheroe Services. We left Clitheroe at 10:00am and headed down the A59 to Skipton. We took our usual route to Settle via Sawley, Wigglesworth and Rathmell. We intended to stop in Settle for a brew but everyone was moved on by the Police as the Scouts were using the full extent of the carpark for something.


We left Settle on the B6479 but soon turned right in Lancliffe heading for Malharm Tarn. At Malham Tarn we bared left and headed towards Arncliffe, we passed by some Gate warning signs View of Great Clowder but to my dismay they have removed them. We then passed through Darnbrook House and alongside the Great Clowder where we stopped to take a few photos. We then passed through Arncliffe and headed towards Kettlewell after joining the B6160. We stopped in Kettlewell for a short while to have a brew at the Cottage Tea Room.


We left Kettlewell and headed towards Braidley we negotiated Park Rash and passed alongside Hunters Stone Bank. We then passed through Horsehouse and Gammersgill before arriving in Carlton. We then continued through Melmerby and Agglethorpe before joining the A684 at Wensley. We continued down the A684 into Leyburn where we took a left and headed over Preston Moor Towards Reeth. We then went over Ellerton Moor before dropping down into Grinton. At Grinton we joined the B6270 and headed into Reeth. We had intended to stop for lunch in Reeth but due to being moved on at Settle and only recently having a brew in Kettlewell, we decided to head on to Hawes for lunch instead.


After a brief comfort break we continued down the B6270 heading for Muker. We passed through Healaugh, Feetham and Gunnerside on the way to Muker. Just after Muker we turned left and headed over Buttertubs Pass to Hawes. We stopped for lunch in Hawes at the Crown Hotel as we have had great food there before and they didn’t disappoint today either.


After lunch at around 2:30pm we set off for home. We took the B6255 to Ribblehead Viaduct on the way Ray and I passed several sport bikers, who where not too impressed at being passed. 1 of the said sport bikers tried to catch me up but only managed to catch me as I slowed down around Ribblehead Viaduct. After Ribblehead we continued down the B6255 to Ingleton. At Ingleton we turned left onto the A65 and headed towards Settle. We soon turned off the boring A65 and headed through Clapham Station and onto Clapham Moor. We dropped down off Clapham Moor and headed past Stocks Reservoir and through Gisburn Forest before turning left onto the B6478 and headed into Slaidburn. We continued on through Slaidburn on the B6478 passing through Newton and Waddington on our way into Clitheroe. We stopped at Clitheroe Services for some fuel and then headed home via the A56/M66.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Masham Big Meet

Helen and I went out yesterday with the Lancs arm of the NUKB on a rideout to Masham for the first big meet of the year. We met up with  the North East and Yorkshire NUKB regions as well in Masham Market Square. There was probably around 100+ bikes in the square at 1 point yesterday and to top it all off the weather was nice and sunny all day long.


Clitheroe Services We left home at around 9:15am and met up with DocB and small group at Haslingden Tesco’s on the way up. We left there at around 9:30am and headed up to Clitheroe Services to met up with the rest of the Lancs group. We left Clitheroe just after 10:00am, CJ was leading and Scotsy was bring up the rear as TEC.


We left the service on the A59 heading for Skipton. We soon turned left and headed trough Sawley, Wigglesworth and Rathmell. We then crossed over the A65 and headed into Settle. From there we took the B6479 to Ribblehead Viaduct via Horton-in-Ribblesdale. We then joined my favourite road the B6255 to Hawes. We stopped in Hawes for the first brew of the morning and a nice bacon butty.


Masham Square We left Hawes after our short break and headed on the A684 towards Leyburn. Before getting to Leyburn we cut across on a minor road at Wensley to join the A6108. We headed through Middleham on our way to Masham. We arrived at Masham just before 1:00pm and parked up behind the Yorkshire group who had arrived first.


Masham Square Helen and I found out to our horror that the Kings Arms were no longer doing sandwiches and jacket potatoes on a Sunday anymore. We headed over to 1 of the cafes and Helen had a wrap and I had a Panini. We had a good chat with some of the guys from other regions and at around 2:45pm we headed off.


We left Masham with Scotsy now leading and CJ now being TEC. We headed on minor roads for Kirkby Malzeard. However Scotsy’s satnav took us a strange rout through Grewelthorpe and then again as we got into Kirkby Malzeard. The result was that the group got broken up as someone also failed to mark a junction. A small group headed to Ripon, I turned around and headed through Laverton and then over Dallow and Pateley Moor just joining the B6265 before Pateley Bridge. At Pateley Helen and Bill Bridge I saw Ella and CorgiKev marking a junction and then knew the main group were in front of me. I continued on the B6265 towards Grassington passing by Stump Cross Caverns on the way. I arrived at the carpark in Grassington and met up again with the main group. Helen and I walked to the Spar and I got a much needed ice cream.


As we left Grassington we broke up into 2 groups, the majority headed for Preston and we headed down the B6265 towards Skipton. At Skipton we turned right and took the A59 towards Preston. We then turned left just after Broughton and took the A56 through Earby to Colne. We then jumped on the M65 and headed home via the A56/M66.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Blanchland with NUKB

Helen and I went out yesterday with NUKB on a rideout to Blanchland, led by MuddyXR.


We left home early at around 8:45am and headed North up the M66/A56 towards Clitheroe. We soon passed by Clitheroe on the A59 heading towards Skipton. Soon after Chatburn we turned left and headed through Sawley to Wigglesworth. In Wigglesworth we turned left and cut through Rathmell to join the A65 at Giggleswick we took to our meeting point at Devil’s Bridge. We arrived at Devil’s Bridge at around 10:00am and had a brew and bacon butty while we waited for the main group to arrive.



A683 Devil's Bridge to Sedbergh on Honda VFR800 Vtec from Cavturbo on Vimeo


At around 10:45am we all re-grouped and headed North up the A683 towards Sedbergh. We re-grouped again just outside Sedbergh and then continued on up the A683 heading towards Kirkby Stephen. Unfortunately on way up to Kirkby Stephen, Mick came off on a right hander close to Handley’s Bridge. Fortunately he got to his feet straight away only complaining of a damaged ankle. I jumped off my bike and with assistance picked Mick’s bike up out of the middle of the road and parked it up safely. After sorting Mick out I headed off up the road to collect the guys who were ahead of Mick at the time to bring them back. When we arrived back everyone had parked a bit further up the road in a convenient lay-by. On close inspection Mick’s bike had a buckled rear wheel and flat tyre and was no longer ride-able. After a few phone calls it was decided that the main group would continue on and Beamerbiker and Grimster would stay with Mick until recovery arrived. I have since found out that Mick has been to hospital today and had his leg/ankle put in plaster.



B6276 Brough to Middleton-in-Teesdale on Honda VFR800 Vtec from Cavturbo on Vimeo


Mick's Bike We all re-grouped and set off up the A683 to Kirkby Stephen. After a brief fuel stop in Kirkby Stephen we continued on up the A685 to Brough. In Brough we took the glorious and quiet B6276 to Middleton-in Teesdale via Lune Moor. We skirted around Middleton and joined the B6278 at Egglestone and continued North towards Stanhope. We soon arrived in Stanhope after a good run over Bollihope Common. We worked our way through Stanhope after dropping down off the common via the hairpins and continued North on the B6278. Shortly afterwards we turned left and headed for Blanchland via Edmondbyers Common. We arrived in Blanchland at around 1:45pm and while looking for somewhere to park came across CJ and Ella in the car.



B6278 to Blanchland on Honda VFR800 Vtec from Cavturbo on Vimeo


At around 3:00pm after lunch we all re-grouped and headed East on the B6306 towards Consett. Just before Consett we joined the A68 and headed South towards West Auckland. In West Auckland we turned right and took the A688 towards Staindrop. After passing by Raby Castle on our right we joined the B6274 and headed towards Richmond. In Richmond we took the A6108 to Leyburn. We then stopped in Leyburn for a short while to take on board the customary NUKB ice creams.


We all re-grouped and headed down the A684 towards Aysgarth, were we joined the B6160. We took the B6160 towards Threshfield via Kettlewell. We stopped in Threshfield for a brief break then headed on the B6265 towards Skipton. Just outside Skipton we joined the A59 and headed towards Preston. The group started to break up at this point as everyone headed off home. Helen and I turned off the A59 and took the A56 via Earby to Colne. We then jumped on the M65 and headed home.


Monday, April 06, 2009

Reeth Rideout with Camsdad

Yesterday Helen and I went on a rideout with NUKB to Reeth. Gary (Camsdad) was leading the run for the Yorkshire Region of NUKB which had started out at Squires Cafe earlier in the morning.


Grassington Helen and I left home at around 10:00am and headed for Colne via the M66/A56 and the M65. In Colne we picked up the A65 again heading towards Earby. On the other side of Earby we turned right onto the A59 to Skipton. We took the A59 around Skipton turning left at the top of the hill to take the B6265 to Threshfield. In Threshfield we turned right and headed into Grassington and parked up in the main carpark to wait for Gary and the rest of the Yorkshire group to arrive.


The Yorkshire group arrived around 11:50am and we set off back to Threshfield and the B6265 to Skipton. Just in Cracoe we turned right onto minor roads heading for Malham Tarn. We pasted through Hetton and Airton on the way and after passing Malham Tarn went over the tops to Langcliffe. In Langcliffe we turned left onto the B6479 and headed into Settle to drop in on the Macmillan Cancer Breast Way Round girls.


Bikes parked up After showing our support and re-fuelling we took some of my favourite roads the B6479 and the B6255 via Ribblehead viaduct to Hawes. We went through Hawes (which was packed with bikers) and turned left and took the road over Buttertubs Pass to Muker. At Muker we joined the B6270 and headed for Reeth for our lunch stop. By the time we got to Reeth it was after 2:30pm and all the pubs had stopped serving food. Helen was not impressed as she could not get anything healthy to eat apart from 2 Bananas.


Reeth We left Reeth and headed on the B6270 for Masham after meeting up with DocB and CorgiKev. We cut across from the B6270 after Grinton onto the A6108 to Leyburn. In Leyburn we continue on the A6108 through Middleham to Masham. Helen and I left the group at Masham however confusion had arisen after we got entwined within another rideout. To make matters worse this rideout was all BMWs and our TEC was on a BMW. To cut a long story short half the rideout got broken up at this point and we lost touch with DocB and CorgiKev who we had arranged to ride back home with.


 Reeth After Masham we took minor roads to Risplith where we joined the B6265 and headed to Pateley Bridge. We continued through Pateley Bridge on the B6265 and passed by Stump Cross Caverns on our way into Grassington. We stopped in Grassington for a comfort break and then re-traced our earlier route via Skipton and Colne back home to Heywood.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

In Search of Windmills

I got home from work quite handy today and the weather was so good I just couldn’t not go out on the bike. I decided to do a shortish run that I had planned (after seeing photos DocB had posted on NUKB) to go up to Coal Clough Wind Farm to take some photos.

Coal Clough Wind Farm I set off on my bike with my camera and headed down the M62 to junction 21 at Milnrow (At which point I took a call on my mobile, very impressed with the quality/sound of the Autocom System). I then took the A663 to Shaw and then turned left in Newhey on the A640 to Huddersfield. I continued on the A640 at Denshaw crossroads and went up over Denshaw Moor passing New Years Bridge Reservoir. At the top of Cupwith Hill I turned left on the B6114 heading past Scammonden Water on the right before crossing over the M62 on the very high Scammonden Bridge.

Coal Clough Wind Farm I carried on along the B6114 after passing Ringstones Edge Reservoir I turned left to cut across to the B6113 to head into Ripponden. At the hill start junction in Ripponden I turned left and took the higher road the A58 over Rishworth moor to Littleborough. Part way along this road after already passing Baitings Reservoir and just before Blackstone Edge Reservoir I turned left on the B6138 to Mytholmroyd. In Mytholmroyd I turned left onto the A646 to Todmorden. At Hebden Bridge I took a right up a minor road past Mytholm. This road was very steep and I twisted and turned my way up to Blackshaw Head after negotiating several very tight switchbacks. From there I took the Long Causeway over Stansfield Moor to Coal Clough Wind Farm.

Coal Clough Wind Farm After a brief photo stop I continued along the Long Causeway to Mereclough before dropping down to the A646 near Holme Chapel. I continued down the A646 towards Burnley before turning sharply back on myself to head down the A671 to Bacup. Just before Deerplay Moor I turned right onto the B6238 to Rawenstall passing by Clough Bottom Reservoir on the way.

Windmills Map Location In Rawenstall I took the A681 heading towards Haslingden before turning off towards Edenfield. In Edenfield I took the A680 towards Rochdale passing Ashworth Reservoir on the way. I then headed through Norden and then Bamford back home to Heywood.