Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Pace 1st Attempt

We made our 1st attempt at The Pace today. It was very cold and conditions not ideal but it was good to try it today. We probably rode safer today following the idea of The Pace.

Set out from Clitheroe service this morning at about 10:30am, then proceed via Gisburn to Settle then onto Hawes for a brew. Then from Hawes to Sedbergh and on to Devil’s Bridge. Not loads of people at Devil’s Bridge today but we did see a few sportsbikes about today. The brew van wasn't open at Devils so we went back to Settle for a brew instead. Then home via Gisburn and Blacko, approx 130 miles cover today.

Tyres are looking a bit worn at the moment not long left on them, but they have lasted miles longer than the Metzlers that came on the bike from new. Had a few minor slides from the rear but nothing major.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

Just been over to my Mums on the bike for Boxing Day dinner. First day the roads have been dry and salt free, very cold though. Looks like the rideout tomorrow testing out The Pace will have to be put on hold maybe to Sunday, as a wide spread frost is moving in overnight.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Xmas ride over the Moors

Helen and I went out this Xmas day for about 2 hours for a quick blast around Saddleworth Moor. Helen hasn't been out for about a month and so had really itchy fingers to get out. Even though she hasn't been out for a while she felt very comfortable on the bike. When she was leading she fell right into the rhythm of The Pace.

Ringstone Edge Reservoir
Saw about 4 other bikes on our ride, not surprisingly none were sportsbikes!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ride out to Cat N Fiddle

First ride out in a while due to the snow and frost. Met up with some of the Yorkshire lot just outside Holmfirth and followed them via Glossop and Rainow to the Cat N Fiddle.

I had to be back for 1:00pm so left them there and proceed home via Macclesfield and Poynton and the A34 Handforth Bypass and then the M60 back to home.

Cat N Fiddle
Roads were damp but not too greasy, it was a bit windy and we had a bit of fog but other than that nice biking weather. Didn't see to many other bikes out and about.

My new winter polar fleece lined thermal under base layers worked great under my leathers and kept me really nice and warm. Big thumbs up for them.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rideout to Hartside via Kirkstone

I led a rideout today up to Hartside Cafe via Kirkstone Pass, taking the following route: Bowness, Kirkstone Pass, Hartside Pass, Alston, Middleton-in-Teesdale, Buttertubs Pass, Hawes, Settle, Sawley, Clitheroe.

CJ & Matt @Hartside
We did 253 miles in total, I set out at 8:30am and got back at about 4:30pm. The roads were mostly dry and we had nice weather all day. On tree lined parts we had standing water and leaves and we also went through a couple of flooded roads, but the bike never so much as twitched.

Had a really good blast and managed to keep up a decent progressive pace all day. No incidents to report although I did lose the back on some leaves setting off from a T junction, but it wasn't a major issue, although Helen said it didn't look good.

Penny Garth Cafe @Hawes
Helen intended to come out with us all day as I planned the ride for her to get her used to heights for the Pyrenees next year. But she suffered with a sore stomach all night and only managed to meet us at Hawes for the last part of the ride.


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Chilly Ride to Ribblehead Viaduct

Myself and Helen went out this afternoon for a rideout in the cold. Travelled up through Clitheroe and Sawley to Settle. Stopped in Settle at the Singin Kettle for lunch and came across Toto and Gazzapilk off NUKB.

Bikes @Slaidburn
After lunch we set out in the rain for the blue sky, got to Ribblehead Viaduct and turned left as the rain looked very thick over Hawes. Turned left at Ingleton and then headed over the tops past Stocks reservoir. Stopped in Slaidburn to use the toilets then headed home over Sabden to wash the bikes just before it went dark.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Settle and ACF50 Treatment.

Went out this morning and met Scotsy and others at Clitheroe Services for about 11:00am. We then proceeded to Settle via Sawley and Wigglesworth. On the road to Settle from Wigglesworth we came across a flooded road, Scotsy went for it but realised half way that it was a bit deeper than expected, when he had resurfaced he turned back defeated.

Scotsy Swimming
All the fields by the roads where flooded, we must have had some serious rain during the night as it didn't look that bad here during Saturday daytime.

We stopped in Settle for lunch, then had to leave the others as we needed to head over to Gargrave for the ACF50 treatment on our bikes. We left there in the dark at about 5:00pm, I was fine in the dark with the Viffers super headlights but Helen really struggled in the dark. But she also struggles in the car so it wasn't anything to do with being on a bike, the only concern in the dark is it's hard to see bad road conditions until it is to late.

My VFR after ACF50 Treatment


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hawes with Lancs Lassies

Myself and Helen went on a rideout to Hawes with some of the ladies from the Lancs region of Nukb. Ali was leading and had organised the run. We meet up with Ali and the rest of the ladies and Mark at Clitheroe segcies at 11:30pm. We then preceeded by the usual route of Gisburn, Long Preston to Settle, where we stopped for a brew and a bacon butty at the Singin Kettle.

Due to the bridge being closed for strenghting work at Horton in Ribblesdale, we had to divert via Ingleton to get to Hawes. The roads where a bit damp so they curbed my enjoyment on the way to Hawes a bit. We stopped at Hawes for a brew and cake, while we where at the cafe a farmer brought his large flock of sheep through the centre of Hawes. Something you don't see everyday, well certainly not round Manchester anyway.

Then we headed over to Devils Bridge where we found the rain. Myself and Helen then spilt up from the rest of the group and headed home via Stocks Reservoir over Burn Moor. Then via Slaidburn, Clitheroe, Sabden, Simonstone and then dropped on the motorway back home. The new screen certainly got a battering with the wind and rain today. It held up really well and seems to block the wind from my head, time will only tell if it stops the flies on the visor.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Double Bubble Screen

Went to Hein Gericke this morning for the Zero Gravity Double Bubble screen. Taking it out of the packet it looks like a good quality product. Light smoke is a little darker than I thought but clear enough to see through if hugging the tank.

Zero Gravity Double Bubble Screen
Fitted it straight away, which was a breeze. I would say that it doesn't fit as well as the old screen but unless you look closely you don't notice the tiny gaps here and there.


Friday, October 17, 2008

8000 Miles Service

Took the bike into Hunts this morning for its 8000 miles service. I think the 8000 mile service is a major one as it took nearly 2 and half hours to do and cost £237.

Bike is now on 8334 miles, which I have done in less than 7 months.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reeth - End of summer big meet

Myself and Helen went on a rideout with Nukb to Reeth toady. CJ led the rideout with Scotsy doing Tec.
Stump Cross Caverns
We met John and Sue in Heywood and then headed up to Clitheroe services via Sabden to meet the rest of the guys for about 10:00am. Everyone arrived and we set off up the A65 towards Skipton. We then turned towards Grassington and then proceeded over to Stump Cross Caverns for a brew.

Leyburn After the brew we mounted up and headed over to Reeth via Masham and Leyburn and landed in Reeth just after 12:00pm. We were the first to arrive, the Northeast lot turned up next and then the Yorkshire group arrived a lot later, with the news that a rider on his Ducati ST4 had gone down on Buttertubs pass. Fortunately he didn't go over the edge and wasn't on his Ducati 999, other than pride he was uninjured. It was an impressive turnout with about 70 bikes in attendance.

Ducati ST4 crash damage
We left Reeth and headed over to Hawes, some of the guys filled up in Hawes. I headed over to Ingleton via the Ribblehead viaduct and then proceeded on to Devil's Bridge. For some reason everyone but CJ turned left at Ribblehead and ended up in Settle, despite having agreed we would be going to Devil's. Masham CJ caught me up at Devil's and we headed down to Caton. Vincent and Marocmille turned up but everyone else had gone home from Settle. I left CJ and headed home via the Trough of Bowland, which I found was closed and followed the Diversion to Clitheroe then went over Sabden and joined the motorway and blasted back home. Another long day of riding, I think I am a glutton for punishment.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Brake Pads Fitted

Went to Hunts this morning to get some new brake pads for the rear. Also booked the bike in for its 8000 miles service on Friday 17th October.

Fitted the pads this afternoon and while I had the wheel off I removed the chain guards and gave the back end of the bike a good clean and re-oiled the chain. The pads weren't as worn as I though but they were still very worn.

Helen also decided that she wanted the rear mudguard removed on the Bmw cause it is a big ugly thing. Helen also went off to Hein Gericke and ordered me a smoked Zero Gravity double bubble screen as I am sick of the standard screen shovelling all the flies into my visor.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Homeward Bound

Up bright and early as usual. Just simply got on the motorway and blasted home. I did manage to have a nice blast over Woodhead pass though. I arrived home at about 11:30am and then set about jet washing the bike. I cleaned and jet washed it twice but it still wasn't completely clean.

Glad to be home after the tour, trip says that I did 1446 miles all in. The bike is now on 8089 miles, which I have covered in just over 7 months.


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tour Day 5 - Bagnoles to Marston Moretaine

You guessed it up bright and early for breakfast again. Ash's SV650 had problems this morning, after much pushing we finally managed to bump start the bike. We all re-group and headed out at about 9:00am. Steve and his BMW parted company with us this morning as he was heading off to Brittany for a few days.

I had discovered the previous day that I had almost worn out my rear brake pads. For the rest of the day I adopted my brake avoidance technique, I didn't use them. Due to the brakes on the Viffer being linked its not possible to just not use the rear brake.

Weather was nice again but we encountered the fog again. We made our way towards Rouen on some nice roads and then joined the motorway to Calais and the ferry home. Not far from Calais we had to follow a diversion and Ash stopped to mark the junction for Ian and Rachel. Unfortunately this caused him to break down. Four of us including Pete had already entered the ferry port and were in line for the ferry before we discovered what had happened to Ash. This meant that we couldn't say goodbye to some of the guys properly.

I have since found out that Ash made it back to Hastings were the bike was recovered the following day, which is good to know.

I had my tea on the boat and then said farewell to the guys who had made it onto the earlier ferry. I then proceeded on the motorway network to my Travel lodge at Marston Moretaine.


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tour Day 4 - Ducey to Bagnoles

Le-Mont-Saint-Michel Up and early again and out for about 9:00am again. Very foggy this morning, not the most ideal riding conditions.

We made our way over to Mortain via Le-Mont-Saint-Michel. We parked on the road and went down to the Grande Cascade. We then went up to the view point above Mortain but due to the fog couldn't see anything.

Grande CascadeWe then made our way via some nice roads to our last hotel of the tour the Hotel de Normandie in the lovely spa town of Bagnoles. We had a few beers in Bagnoles and then went back to the hotel for food and were treated to a great last meal, some of the guys even tried a few snails.

Hotel in Bagnoles 

Hotel in Bagnoles


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tour Day 3 - Bayeux to Ducey

Bayeux War Cemetery Got up bright an early today again today, we all regrouped again at about 9:00am. some of the guys where suffering from their curries from last night.

We set out and visted the British cemetery in Bayeux. Then we encounter the rain again on the way to Pointe Du Hoc via several very muddy roads, which seemed to be a feature of the day.

Pointe Du Hoc Pointe Du Hoc is a clifftop location on the coast of Normandy in northern France. It lies 4 miles (6.4 km) west of Omaha Beach, and stands on 100 ft (30 m) tall cliffs overlooking the sea. It was a point of attack by the U.S. 2nd Ranger Battalion during the Battle of Normandy in World War II.

We left Pointe Du Hoc as the weather was brighting and headed over to Sainte-Mère-Église. Unfortunately we arrived 10 minutes before the airborne museum was closing for 2 hours. It was decided that we would ride our bikes on some nice roads rather than wait 2 hours for the museum to re-open.Sainte-Mère-Église

Sainte-Mère-Église main claim to fame is that it played a significant part in the World War II Normandy landings because this village stood right in the middle of route N13, which the Germans would have most likely used on any significant counter-attack on the troops landing on Utah and Omaha Beaches. In the early morning of 6 June 1944 mixed units of the U.S. 82nd Airborne and U.S. 101st Airborne Divisions occupied the town in Operation Boston, giving it the claim to be one of the first towns liberated in the invasion.Ducey

We arrived at Ducey and our rather nice Best Western Hotel a converted old mill. Steve booked us into the only restaurant open in town that night. Steve was slightly unimpressed that they sold no other alcohol other than wine. After the meal we visited an Irish Bar that didn't sell Guinness, sacrilege surely.

Look at the state of my bike!!

Dirty VFR
Dirty VFR


Monday, October 06, 2008

Tour Day 2 - Honfleur to Bayeux

Got up and had breakfast at about 6:30am this morning. We all grouped together and set out at about 9:00am. Thankfully the weather was dry although the roads were still damp.
Merville Battery
We visited Merville Battery first, which the 9th Battalion of the Parachute Regiment neutralised on 6th June 1944. It is a very interesting place that is well worth the visit.

After we had finished at Merville we headed over to Pegasus Bridge and had coffee at the bridge cafe. We then went to the Pegasus Bridge museum to see the original bridge.

Pegasus Bridge Pegasus Bridge is a bascule bridge (a type of movable bridge) over the Caen Canal, near Ouistreham, France. The bridge, also known as the Bénouville Bridge after the neighbouring village, was a major objective of Operation Tonga. Units landed by glider near it during the Normandy Invasion on 5–6 June 1944. It was given the permanent name of Pegasus Bridge in honour of the operation. This name derives from the shoulder emblem worn by the attacking British, which is the flying horse Pegasus.

Original Pegasus Bridge We then went off around the coast passing the beaches of Sword, Juno and Gold before stopping at Arromanches to visit the 360 degrees cinema.

We then continued around on the coast road to visit the Normandy American cemetery at Omaha beach. Pete kindly took a group shot of the whole gang and their steeds.

From left to right: Steve Bmw, Rachel, Ian, Terry, Steve & Carol, Me, Steve Qwak and Ash.

Group Shot @Omaha Beach

From there we headed over to our hotel in Bayeux, another of the Campanile chain. We went out into Bayeux that night and I had possibly the least spicy Madras in history.


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Tour Day 1 - Dover to Honfleur.

Woke up early today to some very unpleasant weather. Luckily after I had got ready and had a coffee and snack, the rain had eased off. Set off for the ferry terminal and meet up with Pete and the other guys. Where we discovered that some of us had been staying in the same hotel.

Got on the ferry without a hitch all thought the deck was very wet and slippery. Got the bike strapped down and headed up to the food court for breakfast. Being first on the ferry means you get there first, bonus. The captain informed us that it would be a reasonable crossing, force 9 to be exact, a bit choppy to say the least, hate to see what a bad crossing is.

The definition of force 9 on the Beaufort scale is as follows. Wind Speed 47-54mph, strong gale, high waves (6-7m) with dense foam. Wave crests start to roll over. Considerable spray.

Arrived at Calais and got off the ferry and encounter the lovely rain. We all regrouped up in a lay-by after passport control. Steve volunteered to go at the back for the drop-off system. It was at this point that I had a problem with my new waterproof gloves, it took me 5 minutes to get my hand in the right glove due to problems with the inner lining. This meant that me and Steve lost touch with the group and ended up following some bikes the wrong way. We eventually got turned around and headed the right way and came across another lost sole in the form of Terry. We actually passed the other group while they were parked up having a coffee break. Near to Honfleur we had to negotiate two very high bridges. Terry and Steve particularly struggled with the wind on Le Pont de Normandie Bridge, me and the Viffer weren't affected anywhere near as much.

Honfleur Hotel
We eventually got to the hotel in Honfleur after a brief detour to Fecamp. We were all soaked through after the constant rain. My boots were soaked through and soggy and my bottom was damp, but apart from that my Hein Gericke Pro Suit held up well to the rain.

Honfleur HotelThe hotel room had a heater which was used to dry the stuff but made  it very hot in the night. The bathroom was also used as a drying room but we had to keep putting the heater on as it knocked off after 15 minutes. I bet the hotels electricity bill was high for the day we all stayed there.

Thankfully by the time we headed out for food the rain had stopped so we walked the mile into Honfleur to find a restaurant.


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Down to Dover

Headed down to Dover today as I am catching an early ferry to Calais in the morning. Rather than go all the way on the boring motorway, I set out from here on the motorway as far as Mottram and headed through Glossop on the A624. I followed that road all the way to Chapel-en-le-Firth where a jumped on the A6 to Buxton. Took the first windy bit of the A6 out of Buxton then cut across to the A515 and took that all the way to Ashbourne where I had a bathroom break. After a short while I mounted my steed again and set back off down the A515 heading for Burton on Trent via the A511.

From Burton I took the A444 all the way to Nuneaton where a joined the A5 and jumped ont he M1 at junction 20 Lutterworth. After a short while I stopped at Watford gap services for a brew.

Jumped back on the bike and after many boring miles later stopped at Thurrock services for a coffee and toasted tuna melt panini. That was a big mistake as the traffic was backed up bad from all the sad people going shopping at Lakeside (do you not have anything better to do on a Saturday). Fortunately being on the bike I could filter my way through it.

After some more time on the motorways I arrived at my destination the Premier Inn at Dover. There were another 3 bikes there when I arrived, little did I know some of the those bikes where on the same tour as me. I even sat on the next table to Steve that night in the restaurant. Oh well.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wales Day 3

Got up early and checked out of the hotel at about 9:30am. Then off up the A48 into Chepstow to visit Chepstow Castle(have you gathered the main theme of the weekend yet).

Chepstow Castle
From there we took the A466 to Tintern Abbey, potentially a really nice twisty road but spoiled by slow cars and double white lines.

After we had been to Tintern Abbey it was back on the bikes and up the A466 Monmouth, then we cut across country on the B4347/B4233 in search of White Castle, but because it wasn't signed we missed it and time was getting on, so we gave it a miss.

We then carried on up the B4233 to Abergavenny. Got on the A465 to Merthyr Tydfil, then jumped onto the A4077 at Gilwern to meet up with the A40 to Brecon. Due to heavy traffic we left the A40 and headed up A479 to Builth Wells and pretty much followed our route coming on Friday to get back home.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wales Day 2

I had planned a really good run for today but in the end we didn't get to far.

Up and out for 10:30am then down the M4 and A48(M)into Cardiff to visit Cardiff Castle, managed to find motorcycle parking spaces nearby after a bit of a search.

Cardiff Castle
Then off from there up the A469 to Caerphilly Castle. By the time we had finished looking around Caerphilly Castle it was 4:00pm and time to go back to the hotel.

Caerphilly Castle
We took the A468 to junction 28 of the M4 then up the M4 to junction 24 and then the A48 back to the Hotel.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Wales Day 1

Myself and Helen loaded up are bikes this morning and set out for Chepstow. It is the first time I have had all my hard luggage on the VFR. I could feel the extra weight on the bike so added some preload on the rear shock. At first the front felt a bit unsure of its self, but I soon got used to it and by the time we reached Chepstow I had almost forgotten I was carrying so much extra weigh.

Montgomery Castle
We set out at about 8:00am and hit heavy traffic almost immediately, but on a bike it doesn't matter so much and we filtered through the traffic on the M60 and M6. We then got onto the M56 and got off at junction 10 and headed down the A49 to Whitchurch. We then jumped onto A495 and cut across through Elsemere and Whittingham to the A483 and stopped at Oswestry services.

After a brief stop we continued down the A483 to Newtown briefly stopping at Montgomery Castle on the way. Then after Newtown down the A483 to Crossgates and 22 glorious miles of bends. Then the A483 again to Builth Wells, then A470 to Bronylls where we visited our second castle of the day.

Raglan Castle
After visiting Bronylls Castle we headed down the A479 to Tretower court and Castle, then proceeded down the A40 to the A449 to Usk via Raglan Castle. At Usk we took the scenic B4235 which we enjoyed until we got off at Shirenewton and took some goat tracks (much to Helens displeasure) to cut across to the A48 where our weekend hotel the Marriott St. Pierre Hotel & Country Club was located on. A total of approximately 209 miles.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

North Yorkshire Dales Blast

Myself and Helen went on a run today with NUKB led by Pabxxv and Matt. Route was as follows: Skipton, Grassington, Pately Bridge, Masham (lunch at the Kings Head Arms), Hawes, Settle, Hawes, Kirkby Stephen, Sedburgh, Devils, Forest of Bowland, Clitheroe, Sabden and then back home.

Shot quite a bit of video today see below and had nice weather all day although it was very overcast and breezy for the majority of the day.

Hawes to Ribblehead Viaduct on the B6255.

Hawes to Ribblehead viaduct from Cavturbo on Vimeo.

Stainforth to Ribblehead Viaduct on B6479

Stainforth to Ribblehead from Cavturbo on Vimeo.

Ribblehead viaduct to Hawes B6255.

Ribblehead Viaduct to Hawes from Cavturbo on Vimeo.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saddleworth Moor Camera Test

After finishing with Helen's bike I messed about with my new bike camera again. When I was happy with it I had a quick blast up and over Saddleworth Moor. I am pretty happy with the results and feel the camera and microphone are currently in their best positions so far. See video below of run from Newhey up to the top of Cupwith Hill on Saddleworth Moor. I have also experimented with different setting in Adobe Premiere screen size, compession etc.. which also seem to have yielded better results.

Saddleworth Moor Run from Cavturbo on Vimeo.


Fettling with Helen's Bike

I have been messing with Helen's new bike today. I had the dangerous task of drilling holes into the fairing to fit a set of R&G crash bobbins to the BMW. Can you imagine how much trouble I would have been in if I had put the hole in the wrong place. Thankfully my usual time consuming carefulness made sure that the holes were in the right places.
R&G Bobbins 
After fitting the crash bobbins I then installed Invisible Film to both sides of the tank to protect it from Helen's knees scratching the tank when cornering.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Experiences of new work carpark

Went to work on bike twice this week after receiving permission from on high to park in an un-used corner of the carpark. Unfortunately it's under trees so is covered with moss, has yellow paint markings all over it and is slippery as a slippery thing!

There's also 2 large vehicles (bashed and dented Toyota Hiace people carrier and a Passat) allocated the spaces either side of it which means when I arrive at 8am with nobody about it's fine parking up, but leaving at 4pm it's a struggle to get through the gap which is bike or Helen sized - NOT bike PLUS Helen sized!!! After going nose in on Weds and ending up with pulled arm muscles manoevering him out, I fiddled about getting parked bum in today which looked easier to get out sitting on and padding out but they'd both left by the time I went home so didn't get chance to see. Thought today was supposed to be fine, hence using the bike, but oh no we had a monsoon in Middleton after lunch and heavy drizzle on my way home. Will this rain ever stop??!!


Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I have recently booked a trip to Normandy with British Bike Tours. I will be going to Dover on Saturday 4th October, then up early and over to Calais in the morning returning via Calais/Dover on Thursday 9th October.

The brief itinerary is going to be as follows:

Sun 5th Oct – Day 1 Calais to Honfleur
Mon 6th Oct – Day 2 Honfleur to Bayeux
Tue 7th Oct – Day 3 Bayeux to Ducey
Wed 8th Oct – Day 4 Ducey to Bagnoles
Thur 9th Oct – Day 5 Bagnoles – Home


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Perfect Microphone Position

Been fiddling in the garage again today trying to find a good place for the microphone. Well I think I have found a great place for it. I have installed it under the petrol tank in front of the air filter box in some foam. Took the bike out for a quick spin up the windy motorway and wow, stunning engine noise and no wind noise.

Motorcycle Video Camera Setup Video Test (Middleton) from Cavturbo on Vimeo.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Camera fitted to Bike

Well I have been out in the garage this morning and mounted the camera on the bike and everything seems to be working correctly. Fitted the camera under the headlight with the velcro holder, fits perfect and the picture looks good.

We then went out over the moors for a bit of a ride and I captured some video of Helen on the BMW. At first I found that the initial microphone placement was picking up real wind noise, then later I mounted the microphone under the seat which yielded better results, but I am not completely happy with the sound yet, more fiddling required.

Helen's new Toy from Cavturbo on Vimeo.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Picked up Helen's New Bike

Today we picked up Helen's new BMW F800ST and said goodbye to the SV650. She seems to be very confident on the new bike and is very happy with it. All being well it should be the perfect bike for touring round Europe on, certainly will save me carrying all the luggage.

Helen's New F800ST


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bullet Camera Purchased

I have today ordered a Bullet Camera off the internet. I have ordered a Sony HQ1 Super HAD CCD 580/550TVL camera from RFConcepts. I intend to mount it on the front of the bike under the headlight, I will be using a Canon MV750i camcorder as the recording device.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rideout to Kielder Forest

Just back from a very long rideout today with NUKB. CJ planned us a route up to Kielder forest some 383 miles approx, route was as follows: Tickled Trout, up the motorway a bit... up to Devils, Tebay, Shap, Penrith, Hartside, Alston, turn left and head for the Scottish Borders. Turn right and run along the border, then a right for Kielder. Down towards Hexham, back to Alston, then Middleton, Brough, Sedbergh, then home.
Bikes in Keilder Forest
We had a fantastic ride today, we employed the drop-off system and the ride went very smoothly and progressively all day. We had all arms of NUKB with us to, the NE group led us around Kielder as they knew the roads better than we did. CJ did manage to go wrong with his Sat Nav and took us down possibly the worst goat track ever.

Some of the guys had cameras mounted on their bikes today, after chatting with them I noticed they had them hooked up to camcorders. Got me thinking as we have a camcorder too, wonder if ours will work with a bullet cam, Google here I come.

Also found out today when I got home that Helen has bought herself a new bike in the form of a BMW F800ST


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rideout to Glasson Dock

We've been out today on another NUKB rideout, this time to Glasson Dock with DocB leading again. Route was a follows: Glasson Dock then through Caton to Devil’s Bridge for a brew stop, then up to Sedbergh, Billy Whizz @Ribblehead Viaduct Hawes, Ribblehead Viaduct, Ingleton, Stocks Reservoir, Clitheroe and home.

Nice run today nothing of note happened apart from Billy-Whizz stripping off. Bike is still performing flawlessly and I keep getting better all the time.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rideout to Glenridding

I organised a last minute rideout today to Glenridding, no takers unfortunately just me and Helen went in the end. Route was as follows: Trough of Bowland, Bowness, Kirkstone Pass, stopping in Glenridding, then re-fuel in Penrith, then back via A6 Shap, Orton, Viaduct at Beck Foot Tebay, Stop at Devil’s Bridge, then Long Preston, Gisburn home. Total length was 211 miles.

Had a nice day out today, weather held out all day in the end. Didn't stop for lunch in Glenridding after all as it was just to busy. Stopped just outside Penrith on the A6 at a pub called the Beehive. We did get annoyed today though, poor drivers doing a pitiful 25mph over Kirkstone Pass. We were also told to dismount and remove our helmets before being allowed to fuel up at a petrol station in Penrith.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rideout to Arncliffe.

Been on a rideout today with NUKB with BocB leading. It was a lovely run going over some nice goat tracks in the back of beyond in the Dales. Again we had another off today, which again was straight in front of me. TonyK2 went straight on at a tight corner and fell off on the grass, he was fine and continued on the rest of the ride.

MashamStopped in Masham for lunch and we had some really good food in the Kings Head Arms, loads of free parking available as well in the square. We initially tried eating in Leyburn but there was nothing there to suit us, would recommend stopping in Masham to anybody.


Friday, July 04, 2008

Bikes 4000 Miles service

Had the bike over to Hunts today for its 4000 miles service, which as usual was late as they were busy, mileage on the bike was 4402 miles.

No matter how early I get there I am never first in line, got there before they opened and I was still second in the queue.


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Rideout to Sedburgh and Hawes

Been on an eventful rideout today with NUKB led by DocB. We started out by going through the Trough of Bowland, not sure some of the guys expected it to be so twisty and bumpy. We then made our way to Bikes @Trough of Bowland Devil’s Bridge for a brew and unfortunately Wolfrunner dropped his bike in the car park. We quickly got his bike up and apart from a bruised leg he was fine and continued on the rideout with us. We met up with BigFatBloke from the NE arm of NUKB at Devil’s Bridge and then proceeded through Sedbergh on our way to Hawes.

After being stuck at the back for a while in the twisties I eventually decide to go off the front to catch up the other guys. I took a slight Lee's CBR & Jag right hander under the viaduct and the back twitched, oh great look at this crap that has been laid on the road. The road surfaces around this part of the Dales have recently been re-surfaced with what can only be described as gravel. As I went a but further I noticed some people in the road flagging me down and then noticed a biker in the middle of the road and a bike stuffed into the front of a parked Jag. I pulled over and found it was Lee’s CBR in the road, after a brief while we ascertained that Lee was OK and got him to his feet and sat him down. Then proceeded to remove his bike from the Jag. After the Ambulance and Police had left we fixed Lee's bike up as best as we could and he bravely rode it home.

UPDATE - Lee's bike is now fixed and back on the road.

Lee's CBR


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Crossgates (Wales)

Went on a rideout with NUKB today down to Crossgates in Wales, the road down there is 30 miles of sweeping bends and tight corners, shame it takes so long to get to the good bit. All the time we were in Wales we kept getting texts saying itIce Cream Stop was raining back home. Eventually on the way home we hit rain and had to jump back on the M6 and miss out on the run up the Cat and fiddle.

I did have a big moment today, went into a corner following Turbohornet as he was about to turn in he was hit right in the middle of his visor with a massive fly splat, which made him run deep into the corner which also distracted me, I turned in and then realised that the corner was getting sharper and sharper, I pushed on the bar twice to make it round which resulted in the bikes right hand peg touching down, but the viffer gripped and made it round without a twitch.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Kirkstone & Hartside Early Blast

Went on a run today really early in the morning to miss the traffic, it was a cracking ride with naff all traffic but I was solo. Finally came across some friendly faces at Hawes and went on another rideout with NUKB on CJ's ride.

The route I took up to Hawes was as follows: Newby Bridge, A592 by Windermere, Bowness, Kirkstone, Ullswater, Penrith (refuel), Hartside (stopped for brew), Alston, Middleton-in-teesdale, Brough, Kirkby Stephen, Twaite, Buttertubs pass, Hawes (stopped for brew).


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Backroads of the Dales

Met up with loads of bikers today from NUKB in Skipton for Sven's Backroads of the Dales rideout. It was pretty slow going due to the sheer volume of bikes out today. We took in some roads that the majority of bikers have never seen before i'm sure. We stopped in Reeth for lunch which is a great place to stop, it's also home to the best ice cream in England according to CJ.

We employed the drop-off system today to keep the ride flowing and it seemed to work as no one got lost and we went were we intended.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Tyres

Well after approx 3800 miles my rear tyre (Metzler) is shot, completely past the wear marker across the middle 1/3.

After speaking to a few people I opted for a set of Michelin Road Pilot 2's with their dual compound, hopefully they will last a bit longer. I got the tyres fitted at my home by bike tyre services for £220 all in, can't recommend the bloke enough.

Well the tyres are great the bike turns in so much quicker, lets just see how long they last.


Saturday, May 03, 2008

Tan Hill the long way round.

Repairs on Helen's SV650 Led a rideout today to Tan Hill via the following places: Clitheroe, Trough of Bowland, Caton, Devils Bridge (brew), Sedbergh, Kirkby Stephen (fuel), Middleton in Teesdale, Barnard Castle, Tan Hill (lunch), Hawes, Aysgarth, Hawes, Settle, Gisburn, Nelson and home. Approx 222 miles.

We had a good turnout and the weather was glorious all day long. Helen's gear lever nearly fell off but Matt and the Viffers tool kit came to the rescue, we even had a TVR doing TEC today, gotta be an NUKB first.

TVR doing TEC


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rideout to Castle Bolton

After Booski's magical mystery tour to Tan Hill passed close by Castle Bolton. Helen has been asking me to sort a rideout to it, which we did today via the following places Simonstone, Sabden,
Helen at Ribblehead Viaduct West Bradford, Slaidburn, Wigglesworth, Settle (Brew Stop), Hawes, Aysgarth, Carperby, Castle Bolton (visit castle), Reeth, Whaw, Tan Hill (lunch stop approx 1:30pm), Thwaite, Hawes, Settle (brew stop), Long Preston, Gisburn, Nelson and home.

Great run but it was very windy up by Tan Hill, but we braved it and was rewarded by a new week old lamb at Tan Hill.

My VFR at Ribblehead


Rideout to Kirkby Stephen

Just got back in from a rideout with Pabxxv from NUKB to Kirkby Stephen via Hawes then back via Sedburgh and Devils. Nice rideout with a fairly quick pace, my riding has really come on leaps and bounds with all these great roads up in the Dales.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

NUKB Big Meet at Tan Hill

Tan Hill Inn It was NUKB's big meet at Tan Hill today. The weather was awful when we set out but by the time I got to Gisburn the weather was fine and the roads dry, which it thankfully stayed like all day. There are some great roads up to Tan Hill and we had a decent turnout. Unfortunately one of the NE group came off just after they left Tan Hill and had to be air lifted to hospital, thankfully no long term injuries for anyone just some bad bruises.

Me and Helen managed to pick up some stragglers on the way back down from Tan Hill who had lost their way.