Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tour Day 5 - Bagnoles to Marston Moretaine

You guessed it up bright and early for breakfast again. Ash's SV650 had problems this morning, after much pushing we finally managed to bump start the bike. We all re-group and headed out at about 9:00am. Steve and his BMW parted company with us this morning as he was heading off to Brittany for a few days.

I had discovered the previous day that I had almost worn out my rear brake pads. For the rest of the day I adopted my brake avoidance technique, I didn't use them. Due to the brakes on the Viffer being linked its not possible to just not use the rear brake.

Weather was nice again but we encountered the fog again. We made our way towards Rouen on some nice roads and then joined the motorway to Calais and the ferry home. Not far from Calais we had to follow a diversion and Ash stopped to mark the junction for Ian and Rachel. Unfortunately this caused him to break down. Four of us including Pete had already entered the ferry port and were in line for the ferry before we discovered what had happened to Ash. This meant that we couldn't say goodbye to some of the guys properly.

I have since found out that Ash made it back to Hastings were the bike was recovered the following day, which is good to know.

I had my tea on the boat and then said farewell to the guys who had made it onto the earlier ferry. I then proceeded on the motorway network to my Travel lodge at Marston Moretaine.