Saturday, October 04, 2008

Down to Dover

Headed down to Dover today as I am catching an early ferry to Calais in the morning. Rather than go all the way on the boring motorway, I set out from here on the motorway as far as Mottram and headed through Glossop on the A624. I followed that road all the way to Chapel-en-le-Firth where a jumped on the A6 to Buxton. Took the first windy bit of the A6 out of Buxton then cut across to the A515 and took that all the way to Ashbourne where I had a bathroom break. After a short while I mounted my steed again and set back off down the A515 heading for Burton on Trent via the A511.

From Burton I took the A444 all the way to Nuneaton where a joined the A5 and jumped ont he M1 at junction 20 Lutterworth. After a short while I stopped at Watford gap services for a brew.

Jumped back on the bike and after many boring miles later stopped at Thurrock services for a coffee and toasted tuna melt panini. That was a big mistake as the traffic was backed up bad from all the sad people going shopping at Lakeside (do you not have anything better to do on a Saturday). Fortunately being on the bike I could filter my way through it.

After some more time on the motorways I arrived at my destination the Premier Inn at Dover. There were another 3 bikes there when I arrived, little did I know some of the those bikes where on the same tour as me. I even sat on the next table to Steve that night in the restaurant. Oh well.