Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quick run into Derbyshire

I had a quick run into Derbyshire today, while Helen went to the gym. This will probably be my only run into Derbyshire this year, as there are 50mph limits everywhere and lots of bad drivers about.

I left home and headed up the M62 towards Leeds and got off at Milnrow. From the Milnrow junction I headed towards Shaw, then turned off and took the A640 to Denshaw. At Denshaw I joined the A6052 and followed that through Delph to Uppermill. I then dropped onto the A669 to Greenfield and then took the A635 over Saddleworth Moor to Holmfirth. In Holmfirth I joined the B6106 towards Penistone, but after Hade Edge I turned right and went on a minor road through Dunford Bridge to the A628. I stopped by the junction with the A628 for a while and watched a Huey Helicopter come up the valley with a load of stone and land across the road right by me.

I joined the A628 headed towards Hollingworth but after a while I turned off and joined the B6105 to Glossop. In Glossop I turned left and joined the A57 and went over the Snake Pass to Ladybower Reservoir. I stopped at the reservoir for a quick toilet break and then joined the A6013 to Bamford. In Bamford I turned right and took the A6817 to Castleton. I passed Peveril Castle and then went over Winnats Pass towards Chapel-en-le-firth where I joined the A6. I followed the A6 for a very short time and then got off and joined the A624 towards Glossop. I passed through Hayfield but before getting to Glossop I turned left onto Monk’s Road and headed towards Charlesworth. I went through Charlesworth and then dropped down into Broadbottom. I then cut through the outskirts of Mottram and joined the M67 and headed home.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Settle and Devils

I met Ben from NUKB yesterday at Clitheroe Services at around 11:00am. We decided to have a run over to Hawes via Settle. We left Clitheroe on the A59 towards Skipton, but soon turned off and headed on our usual route to Settle via Sawley and Wigglesworth. We didn’t stop in Settle and joined the B6479 and headed towards Ribblehead Viaduct. We turned right at the Viaduct and followed the B6255 to Hawes, where we stopped for lunch.

After lunch we left Hawes and decided to head over to Devils Bridge via Sedbergh. We joined the A684 and headed for Sedbergh, thankfully the harsh Winter hadn’t ruined the road like it had the previous year. We arrived in Sedbergh and then joined the A683 and headed down to Devils Bridge. It was quite busy for this time of year, obviously lots of other bikers were taking advantage of the nice weather.

Ben and I split up at this point, I left on the A65 heading towards Skipton and soon arrived in Ingleton. Just after Ingleton I turned right onto minor roads and headed through Gisburn Forest and past Stocks Reservoir. I then joined the B6478 and headed for Slaidburn. I continued on this road and headed over Waddington Fell and own into Clitheroe. I passed through Clitheroe and then went over Pendle Hill and through Sabden. I then followed the A56/M66 back home, I had forgotten just how good the VFR is.


Friday, March 11, 2011

ZX-9R MOT Again

I took the 9 in for its MOT again this morning. With the new rear wheel bearings fitted the bike passed. Fairplay to the guy as he didn’t charge me any more money for the re-test, as I am sure he should have done. He mentioned that when he does wheel bearings that he first pours hot water on them to expand the wheel and then they just drop out. I think I will give that a go when I do the front ones and see if it helps or not.


Monday, March 07, 2011

Rideout to Crossgates

Helen and I went out with NUKB yesterday on a rideout to Crossgates in Wales. It was our first proper ride for ages and we had large turnout to boot too.

We met up with everyone at around 10:00am at Lymm Services. We left Lymm on the M56 and got off at junction 10 and joined the A49. We took the A49 all the way down to Whitchurch where we joined the A525 and then turned left at Redbrook onto the A495 to Ellesmere. We continued through Ellesmere and Whittington on the A495 and joined A483 near Oswestry. We then stopped at Oswestry services for a quick break. At some point we lost Triple1 when his bike decided to throw a chain, thankfully only a back wheel was slightly damaged.

We left the services on the A483 and followed that all the way to Newtown via Welshpool. We then turned left to continue on the A483 to Crossgates. We stopped just outside Newtown and then set off individually to enjoy this stunning road at our own pace. We arrived at Crossgates after a good run and stopped at the services for lunch.

We left Crossgates on the A44 but soon turned left onto the A488 to Knighton. In Knighton we joined the A4113 and followed that to Lingen where we joined the B4367. We continued on up the B4367 through Broome to Craven Arms, somewhere along this road we lost our 2nd bike of the day to another mechanical failure. This time Kegger's BMW RS1200 decided to throw a conrod out the right handside of the Engine. At Craven Arms we joined the A49 and followed that all the way up to Shrewsbury. We went around Shrewsbury on the ringroad and then joined the A49 again. We continued on up the A49 and stopped next to Lynn's Cafe just outside Whitchurch.

After a short break we set off again, but as we where all going in different directions we broke up here. Helen and I followed the A49 all the way to the M56 and then we went home via the M6, M62 and M60. We did have to do some serious filtering on the M62 between Warrington and Eccles. We had to push our way through a bit as the lanes were very narrow and quite a lot of the car drivers either weren't looking or didn't want to let us through.


Saturday, March 05, 2011

ZX-9R Wheel Bearings.

Today I fitted the new rear wheel bearings to the 9. It took me most of the day as they were very difficult to get out. I found a tip on the internet to use a M16 Rawlbolt to get them out, which certainly did help. I fitted the new ones and applied plenty of LM grease around them. I was also going to change the sprocket coupling bearing as well while I had the rear wheel off. But I was unable to get the dust seal out, so I decided to leave it until I’ve gotten a new seal in case I damage it. I didn’t have time to do the front bearings so I will do them when I next have some spare time. I refitted the rear wheel and now it is solid and has no play in it, so the bearings had gone. The bike is only on 12,000 miles so it seems early for the bearings to have gone.


Friday, March 04, 2011

ZX-9R and VFR MOTs

I today took both bikes for their MOTs. Before going I gave the ZX-9R a general grease all round and stripped the rear brake caliper down as I had the exhaust off. Over winter the chain had decided to rust, so I gave it a clean and a fresh coat of lube. Also as it has been standing pretty much since November, I changed the oil. In my pre-MOT checks I did notice the rear wheel had a bit of play in it, but I left it as I was not sure if any play should be there.


Not surprisingly the VFR passed the MOT with flying colours, however the ZX-9R failed on rear wheel bearings with an advisory on the front ones as well. I now know that the rear wheel shouldn’t have any play in it.