Saturday, March 05, 2011

ZX-9R Wheel Bearings.

Today I fitted the new rear wheel bearings to the 9. It took me most of the day as they were very difficult to get out. I found a tip on the internet to use a M16 Rawlbolt to get them out, which certainly did help. I fitted the new ones and applied plenty of LM grease around them. I was also going to change the sprocket coupling bearing as well while I had the rear wheel off. But I was unable to get the dust seal out, so I decided to leave it until I’ve gotten a new seal in case I damage it. I didn’t have time to do the front bearings so I will do them when I next have some spare time. I refitted the rear wheel and now it is solid and has no play in it, so the bearings had gone. The bike is only on 12,000 miles so it seems early for the bearings to have gone.