Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Pace 1st Attempt

We made our 1st attempt at The Pace today. It was very cold and conditions not ideal but it was good to try it today. We probably rode safer today following the idea of The Pace.

Set out from Clitheroe service this morning at about 10:30am, then proceed via Gisburn to Settle then onto Hawes for a brew. Then from Hawes to Sedbergh and on to Devil’s Bridge. Not loads of people at Devil’s Bridge today but we did see a few sportsbikes about today. The brew van wasn't open at Devils so we went back to Settle for a brew instead. Then home via Gisburn and Blacko, approx 130 miles cover today.

Tyres are looking a bit worn at the moment not long left on them, but they have lasted miles longer than the Metzlers that came on the bike from new. Had a few minor slides from the rear but nothing major.