Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rideout to Kielder Forest

Just back from a very long rideout today with NUKB. CJ planned us a route up to Kielder forest some 383 miles approx, route was as follows: Tickled Trout, up the motorway a bit... up to Devils, Tebay, Shap, Penrith, Hartside, Alston, turn left and head for the Scottish Borders. Turn right and run along the border, then a right for Kielder. Down towards Hexham, back to Alston, then Middleton, Brough, Sedbergh, then home.
Bikes in Keilder Forest
We had a fantastic ride today, we employed the drop-off system and the ride went very smoothly and progressively all day. We had all arms of NUKB with us to, the NE group led us around Kielder as they knew the roads better than we did. CJ did manage to go wrong with his Sat Nav and took us down possibly the worst goat track ever.

Some of the guys had cameras mounted on their bikes today, after chatting with them I noticed they had them hooked up to camcorders. Got me thinking as we have a camcorder too, wonder if ours will work with a bullet cam, Google here I come.

Also found out today when I got home that Helen has bought herself a new bike in the form of a BMW F800ST