Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ZX-9R Service

Well because the bike has been sitting idle pretty much for the last 2 years I decided that it needed a good service. So I replaced the oil and filter, I also replaced the air filter and coolant. I also cleaned out the filthy coolant filter and also changed out the plugs for a nice set of iridium ones. After removing the plugs I had a look at them all next to each other. 1 of the plugs had less tanning than the other 3, non of the plugs showed signs of any other problems though.


After I had put the bike together I started it up and instantly noticed that it sounded different and idled better. When I revved it, it sounded more zingy and less throaty. I took the bike out for a quick spin and it has been utterly transformed. It now pulls very strong from low down before charging for the horizon past 6000 rpms. If I didn’t know any better I would say that it had only been running on 3 cylinders.


I am going to leave the rest of the servicing requirements for now as the bike isn’t that far off its 7500 miles service interval. That will also include it 1st ever valve check. Will also balance the cards at the same time, as they will have to come off to get at the head anyway. I will also change out the brake fluid as well, the front brakes feel fine at the moment but the back does feel a little spongy.