Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maintenance and Modifications

I recently installed a full set of LED indicators on the ZX-9R, to replace the monstrous ghastly affairs that Kawasaki thought looked nice. I had real problems with them flashing too fast. I tried several different resistors at each of the indicators, but they made no difference. In the end I had to fit a new flasher relay that I got from Halfords of all places.

Helen recently had her tyres changed for Michelin Pilot Road 2s on the VFR, for our impending trip to the Pyrenees. When the wheel was off I noticed that the rear pads where very low indeed, which was surprising as it had only done just over 4000 miles. So we went and got a set of HH sintered pads and fitted them, I also gave the callipers a good clean as 1 of the pistons was sticking a bit.

In preparation for our trip I also changed the oil and filter on my VFR. I also changed the clutch and brake fluid as it had never been changed by Honda. The clutch was a nice simple job, but the brakes are another story. There are a total of 7 bleeds valves that need to be opened to fully bleed the system, each one of these has to be completed in sequence and it isn’t possible to do it on your own. I also changed the rear pads as they where quite worn and stripped and cleaned all the callipers, none of my pistons were sticking much.