Thursday, April 05, 2012

MOT Time Again

It’s that time of year again so I took the day off to take the VFR and the ZX-9R for an MOT today. I went to Two Wheels in Middleton that Helen had found, rather than going over to Pems Garage in Rochdale as usual. Mainly because of convenience and location, Helen also said that they were good as well.

I took the VFR first and after the caliper rebuild the brakes felt fine. I arrived and was ushered straight in. It’s slightly bizarre having to manoeuvre the bike through a tight shop doorway though. Anyway the VFR passed no problems and the brakes passed the test easily, but I did note the reading to compare against the ZX-9R.

I then brought the ZX-9R over for its MOT test. After a brief discussion with the guys I decided to leave the illegal exhaust on the bike. The ZX-9R passed with flying colours and he didn’t even make a comment about the exhaust. I noted the brake test results of the ZX-9R and concluded that the ZX-9R had superior front brakes to the VFR, but not surprisingly the VFR absolutely trumped the ZX-9R on rear braking. That test pretty much spells out that to effectively brake on the VFR you need to apply both front and rear brakes.