Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pacsafe Stuffsafe 80

Packsafe Stuffsafe 80 Helen decided that we required somewhere to put our bike gear while touring around the Alps this year. So she opted to buy a Pacsafe Stuffsafe 80 litre bag to hold our jackets and back protectors while we stopped to visit things. 

The patented anti-theft StuffSafe 80 from Pacsafe combines an 80L waterproof stuff sack and a slashproof, snatchproof and tamperproof stainless steel eXomesh® Ultimate exterior. It can be locked and secured to something solid, in our case one of the bikes. It looks to be a quality product, but without trying to cut the eXomesh® we have really no way of knowing how strong it is. But visually it does look very strong and we don’t really intend  to use it anywhere particularly dodgy looking. It is obviously no good for securing small things as you can get you hands through the holes in the mesh. Packsafe Stuffsafe 80But for our bulky jackets and back protectors it is perfect. It is also very light and packs down to a very small size that can be easily carried on the seat of ones of our bikes or in a top box.