Sunday, December 23, 2012

Quick Blast on BMW

Went out for a quick blast on the BMW today just to keep the cobwebs at bay. Helen was also going to come out but here bike wouldn’t start, flat battery. I put her bike on charge and then went out on my own.

I just headed out over to Rishworth Moor to do a few laps of our local loop. But the roads where quite pot holed in places and there was still some nasty damp patches about. So I just did one lap of the loop and headed back home. I had intended to take the ZX-9R out as well, but the last thing that needs is to get wet.

I arrived home and we tried to start Helen’s bike again, but it was clear that the battery was no good. I carried out some more tests on it just to check it wasn’t a regulator/rectifier problem (come problem on these), but the battery was going down to about 5V when trying to turn the engine over, so clearly naked.