Monday, February 04, 2013

Bikes Turned Over

Turned the ZX-9R and K1300S over yesterday as it has seemed ages since they were last out.

The ZX-9R thought about it for a while but started after about 3 seconds of holding the start button down. I then went for a quick run around the block to check it was running well. Didn’t seem to have any issues although the brakes could have been better. I plan on stripping them down and replacing the seals this year at some point. Forgot I hadn’t put the bracket back on that holds the rider’s seat on, and manage to loose the bolt that fastens it down. Sourced one from Kawasaki for about £1.50, don’t think I will forget to do that again.

The BMW started first time with no issues, I couldn’t go out on it though as it doesn’t currently have an MOT. Unless the weather improves it also looks like I may have to make it SORN as well, tax runs out end of month. Which will be the first time for me. Really itching now to get out on one of the bikes for a decent run, but it not worth risking it in this current climate.