Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bike Run Up

While it has been dry today I have had all 3 bikes out and ran them up to temperature and let the fans kick in. The ZX-9R took a few goes to get it to start and hold enough revs to keep running, the other 2 started first time without any issues. I did however manage to replicate the sticking (more slower return to idle) revs on the K1300s. It appears that if you only turn the throttle grip slightly it doesn’t snap back firmly, hence it only does it at low revs. If you close the throttle by hand then it drops the revs normally. Generally when riding with load on the engine the throttle snaps back or I am returning by hand, hence why I haven’t noticed it when I’m riding. Whether this is the throttle bodies or something else, remains to be seen. Obviously I am going to be busy over winter as apart from the valve check on the ZX-9R I am now going to have to strip down the K1300s and check all the components of the throttle return. Especially the crap plastic part that is know to fail.


Tristan 27 April 2014 at 14:33  

It's good to blow out the cobwebs during the winter. I'd oil the cable before resorting to checking the throttle bodies, could save you some hassle!