Saturday, October 03, 2015

Stem Mount, Plates & Rear Sets

Stem Mount Yesterday I installed a stem mount on the K1300S to enable me to attach my Garmin SatNav to when I get round to installing that and the rest of the wiring for the Autocom system. I got one of the custom made mounts from Telferizer, they almost look like a factory option. The quality and look is great and it was so easy to install.

After that I decided to install some invisible film on the heal kickplates as they are renowned for scratching up very easily. I got some Auto-Protek film off Amazon, it is designed to protect paintwork from scratches and stone Healplate with Film on chips, but is perfect for this application as well. I removed the kick plates from the bike, a far harder job then is necessary due to Loctite again and the rear master cylinder on the otherside. Once removed I cut the film to suit and then installed with a slip solution. You then just squeegee out the water and bubbles, I also used a hairdryer to apply heat to help the corners stick down better. As the name suggests the film is pretty much invisible although you can see the edges if you get very close to the plates.

I then adjusted the position of the HP rearset pegs, they can be placed in 1 of 6 different positions. They come installed at position 1 which is the Peg in position 2 lowest, I rotated 180 degrees and installed them in position 2, which is slightly higher but no further to the rear of the bike. Again BMW have made the job much harder than needed. Green Loctite this time on the bolts, they are never going to come out. They also used Torx bolts and the frame was in the way of the top ones. So off to Screwfix to get a set of allen keys with Torx heads on them. They just about fit in to get the top bolt out, although I did have to put Duck Tape on the frame to protect it.