Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rear Hugger

Hugger After a lot of thought, I have finally purchased a rear hugger for the Viffer. I was initially going to buy a NWS hugger but after hearing that they had been taken over by Pyramid I decided against it. In the end I opted for a Red-Fox hugger which I got from the Simpson Detour (manufacturers) website.

I opted for this one in the end after reading several threads on the VFR Club Forum. Although some people had suffered some cracking it seemed that they had been able to get them replaced without to much fuss.

Hugger Anyway I went and picked up the hugger from the post office today and then proceeded to fit it. The hugger attached by using 2 replacement bolts on the chain guard and a cable tie round the bottom of the swing arm by the shock. I fitted it pretty easily considering the instruction were a little vague. The hugger seems to be a decent strong construction and fitted very well and without much fuss. I went for a carbon look one in the end to blend in better.

Update: This hugger turned out to be no good in the end as it cracked due to vibration. It has since been replaced with a NWS hugger from Pyramid, which is a quality product.