Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yoke Ram Mount

Yoke Ram Mount This morning I fitted a Ball Ram Mount to my Yoke on the Viffer. I also purchased a universal PDA cradle and a bracket to attach it to my new Ball Mount.

Yoke Ram Mount It was a struggle getting the plastic plug out of the Viffer’s Yoke. In the end I had to punch a hole through the middle of the plug to be able to pull it out with a set of long nose pliers. After pulling it out I realised that the middle of the Yoke had rusted slightly which was causing the plug not to come out.

Yoke Ram Mount After assembling all the parts and tightening the Ball Mount. I then fitted the cradle to the mount with the PDA in it. I then sat on the bike and adjusted the mount and cradle into the desired position. I was able to position it so that I can easily see the PDA and also have full view of all the dials on the bike. I am very pleased with the overall outcome and very happy with the quality of the equipment.

I used the following Ram Mount items purchased from GPS Warehouse.