Monday, March 08, 2010

Sedbergh and Back

Helen and I went out yesterday with NUKB on a rideout to Sedbergh and back. We left home at around 10:30pm and headed up the M66 and soon arrived at Clitheroe Services to fill up with fuel. I had posted up the ride to Sedbergh on NUKB and due to it being a nice day we had a good turnout.

Helen in action on her new VFR We left Clitheroe at around 11:15am and took our usual route to Settle via Wigglesworth and Rathmell. In Settle we joined up with some of the guys from Yorkshire. We left Settle shortly after meeting up and turned onto the B6479 and headed for Ribblehead Viaduct. We turned right at the viaduct onto the B6255 and took that all the way to Hawes. A couple of guys stopped on the way to mark a load of snow and ice that was on a very fast section by Widdle Foot. We all stopped at Hawes and went to the Penny Garth Cafe for some coffee and lunch. Except Helen who went in search of a healthier option, in the form of a baked potato.

Bikes at Devils BridgeAfter lunch we took the A684 to Sedbergh, which is normally a nice road. But after we passed the Moorcock Inn the road turned into an awful potholed mess, which lasted for about 75% of the whole stretch of road. We soon arrived in Sedbergh though and then took the A683 to Devils Bridge. Devils Bridge was very busy for this time of year, but we managed to find a space to park and got some coffee.

We left Devils Bridge and headed on the A65 towards Ingleton. After Ingleton we turned right onto minor roads at Newby Moor. We then went over Clapham Common and past Stocks Reservoir. We then joined the B6478 to Clitheroe via Slaidburn and Waddington. We then proceeded home via the A56/M66.