Saturday, March 27, 2010

ZX-9R Tyres and Brakes

Just had a set of Pilot Road 2's put on the 9 as I like them so much on the Viffer. When getting the tyres, I also found out that the rear was the wrong size at a 180/55 instead of a 190/50.

Well, the tyres have made a massive difference to the bike. On the initial scrub in run I noticed that the rear doesn't chatter so much now over very bumper roads, the turn in is predictable and quick enough for me and it holds the line I want through the corner. The downsides were the front felt a lot harder and I was pulling power wheelies for fun.

Went out again yesterday after backing the preload off the front, the front is much better now and doesn't want to lift as easy. I did the same section of road about 10 times in either direction getting a bit quicker each time (funnily enough I kept passing the same 2 guys doing the same in the opposite direction), the rear end didn't move once when previously on this same road not going as quick it did. All in all very happy with the tyres in the dry, not really tested them in the wet but can't be any worse than the previous Hi Sports.


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Front brakes require more effort because weight transfer from slowing down will shift the bike’s balance from the rear wheel to the front, enabling the front tire to handle more load. When there’s less down-force on the rear tire, it becomes much easier to lockup and slide that wheel, resulting in a loss of control, the front, however, is less likely to slip because of the weight transferred to that end.