Saturday, April 03, 2010

MOT and Brakes on ZX-9R

I had the bike MOT’d in Rochdale at Pems Garage last week. The bike passed easily, but he advised me to have a look at the front brake callipers as they were binding slightly.

So I got some new HH sintered pads and went about fitting them to the bike. I disconnected the left hand side calliper first and gave it a good clean up with brake cleaner. I discovered that 2 of the six pistons where well stuck in. With the help of Helen and some carefully placed screwdrivers I managed to get them pushed all the way out and then gave them a good cleaning. I then put the new pads in and greased up the callipers and refitted them. I then went and did then same thing to the right hand side calliper. I found the same 2 pistons on this calliper sticking as well. So I carried out the same procedure to unbind them on this calliper and then fitted the pads and greased it up and refitted it. I then lifted the front wheel off the ground while Helen spun the front wheel, very much improved with little or no binding now. I do however think at the end of the year that I will strip down the callipers and eject all the pistons and clean and grease them up.