Monday, July 11, 2011

Creamery Camera Run

Helen and I went out yesterday to the Creamery in Hawes to pick up the camera that Helen had dropped there last weekend.

We set out to Clitheroe and then headed over to Settle on our usual route via Sawley and Wigglesworth. We passed through Settle and joined the B6479 and headed through Horton in Ribblesdale to Ribblehead Viaduct. As we arrived at Ribblehead Viaduct we found the road littered with walkers, who were forcing oncoming traffic on to our side of the road. I think some of them had left some of their brain cells at home, walking four a breast on a 60mph road is not really very clever. As we turned right at Ribblehead Viaduct on to the B6255 it started to rain. We headed for Hawes and were soon out of the rain and back on dry roads. The new surface is looking fairly well bedded in now so my confidence with it is almost there now. We arrived at Hawes and headed up to the Creamery for lunch and to pick up Helen’s camera.

We left the Creamery, after a long wait as it took them a while to find the exact location of the camera. We then headed back to Ribblehead Viaduct. While we had been having lunch it looked like we had missed some heavy rain as the roads were very wet in certain places. As we got nearer to Ribblehead Viaduct the road was fully dry again and the temperature was starting to heat up. We turned left at Ribblehead Viaduct as usual and headed back to Settle on the B6479. We then continued back to Clitheroe via Wigglesworth and Sawley and then turned left and went over Pendle Hill and down into Sabden. We then continued on to Simonstone and then followed the A56/M66 home.