Monday, July 04, 2011

Reeth Ice Cream Run

Helen and I went out with Mike from NUKB yesterday for a run to Reeth for some ice creams.

We met up with Mike at Clitheroe Services at around 10:00am and then headed over to Settle on our usual route via Sawley and Wigglesworth. We stopped at the petrol station as we were meeting up with some other guys off NUKB. But Paul was having issues with his new Tiger so he headed back home while we continued on to Hawes.

Helen at Settle We left Settle on the B6479 and headed through Horton in Ribblesdale to Ribblehead Viaduct. We joined the B6255 here and headed over the new gravely surface to Hawes. The surface has bedded in pretty well but I am still not fully confident with it yet. We arrived at Hawes and it looked very busy with the Police parking up all of the bikes. We decided to head up to the Creamery instead and surprisingly it was pretty quite and the café virtually empty. So we decided to have lunch here while it was quiet.

We left the Creamery and headed back through Hawes, I didn’t see the other guys so we just continued on. We turned off onto minor roads and headed over Buttertubs Pass to Thwaite. We joined the B6270 here and headed through Muker and Gunnerside to Reeth. We stopped at Reeth for some ice creams and had a rest in the hot sun.

Mike in Settle We left Reeth and headed back to Thwaite on the B6270. We then went back over Buttertubs Pass and headed through Hawes. We then joined the B6255 and headed back towards Ribblehead Viaduct. Pretty much as soon as we left Hawes we were getting flashed and the thumbs down sign, which pretty much spelt out Police. After a while we came across them, three Police vehicles and several Policemen and a laser gun. I’m not quite sure why so many were required, good to see tax payers money going to a good use. Anyway we passed by and continued up to Ribblehead Viaduct where we turned left and headed back to Settle on the B6479. We stopped briefly for a water break at Settle, at which point Helen noticed she had lost our small Nikon camera somewhere.

We left Settle and headed back to Clitheroe via Wigglesworth and Sawley and then turned left and went over Pendle Hill and down into Sabden. We then continued on to Simonstone and then followed the A56/M66 home. After we had arrived home Helen phoned up the Creamery in Hawes and thankfully someone kind soul had handed the camera in. Apparently Helen had dropped it outside on the grass when she was messing about in her bumbag.