Monday, June 17, 2013

New Brake Pads

After ordering a set of brake pads for the K1300s last Friday they turned up on Tuesday morning. I was hoping that they would arrive for the weekend but such a quick turn around was very warm welcome. I ordered the pads from BMW specialists Motorworks and the service was excellent, will certainly use them again for parts.

I fitted the pads yesterday, very straight forward job on the BMW. The only slight problem I had was on the right hand side caliper, the pistons were so good that when I pushed one in another came back out. It wasn’t easy pushing in four pistons all at the same time but I eventually managed to get them all back in. As previously stated I chose to fit a set of EBC HH sintered pads instead of the BMW OEM ones. This was mainly down to cost, I can’t see how BMW can charge double the price for the pads. If they had only been a little cheaper I would have fitted OEM ones. The only difference in the pads is that the BMW ones have grooves in the pad material, presumably to help with cooling.


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