Friday, June 07, 2013

New Tyres for K1300s

After the rideout last weekend I had completely worn out the front tyre. Although BMW fitted a new rear before I bought the bike I decided to replace them both as I didn’t really want the Metzler M3 Sportec’s on the bike. I opted for the tried and tested Michelin Pilot Road 3’s and got them fitted by Bike Tyre Services as usual. However he has now stopped the mobile tyre service so I had to go to his new shop in Sale to have them fitted. Fitting the tyres looked pretty fiddly as you have to move the exhaust to get the rear off. Luckily I had a centre stand so that helped a lot with getting the front lifted of the deck. He also had to use a manual balancing machine as they wouldn’t fit on the automatic balancing machine. I have only been on the motorway since having them fitted but initial reaction is that the bike seem to turn in better. We are going out tomorrow so I will be able to scrub them in and get more of a feel for how they feel on the big K.

I did find out though when the tyres were off that the front brake pads probably wouldn’t last till the end of our trip. So I decided it would be best to fit some new ones. So I ordered a full set of EBC HH pads for £54 delivered because the BMW OEM ones would have cost £116. Hopefully they should arrive by next weekend so I can get them fitted before we go.