Sunday, September 13, 2015

BMW R1200RS Test

Helen and I went over to Williams today to have a test of the new R1200RS and also to look at trading in my bike against a new K1300S.

We arrived as they just opened and also met are friend Ian there. I left my bike there and rode on Helen’s Z1000SX. We left and headed on the BMW R1200RS motorway over towards Glossop. We used some of the back roads to test out the bike and then passed through Glossop and headed over to Woodhead Pass. We then climbed up Holme Moss and stopped at the top for a debrief. Helen was a bit disappointed as she keen on the bike but didn’t like the way it rode. We swopped over and headed back down into Glossop for some lunch.

After lunch we headed back to Williams, Helen was on the R1200RS again. When we arrived back we both agreed that the bike felt a bit agricultural to ride and hard work. I felt it ran out of revs too fast for me and I was up and down the box far too much. After we had handed the bike back we discussed trading my bike in but I wasn’t happy with the deal they offered me, they offered me far too little on my bike. All in all a wasted day in the end, except that Helen did find out that the R1200RS is not for her.