Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tank Cover and Luggage Racks

Luggage Rack Today I installed my old luggage rails and SW Motech topbox racks to the bike. I had learned from posts on the forums that getting the grab rail bolts out can be problematic due to BMW using red Loctite on the bolts. Some people have also had the issue of the nut welded onto the inside of the frame coming loose and just spinning with the bolt. As I undid the bolts some of them just grabbed and seemed very stiff. I used some WD40 and then tightened the bolts back down. I did this several times and eventually the bolts came free enough for me to happily undo them completely. I then cleaned the bolts up that I was reusing and then reinstalled with some copper grease for ease of extraction next Bagster Tank Cover time, I hardly think they are going to vibrate loose. The only bolts that I did put Blue Loctite on was the ones holding the topbox plate on, as these do vibrate loose.

I then set about installing my new Bagster tank cover that I got off Ebay. Bagster don’t actually list my cover on their website but they do make one for the motorsport edition. It isn’t a perfect colour match as the black near the seat area is missing and it is just all white. But for someone like me who is very good at wearing tanks away with knees and crotch it is a no brainer. The added benefit of being able to attach a tank bag is a bonus, you can also use the front clips for putting you helmet D-Ring on when resting it on your tank.


Tommy,  19 January 2016 at 12:51  

Nice one luggage rails are so useful, installing mine was the most practical thing I have done on my bike. Good too if you want to pick someone up and put a spare helmet on the back ;) By the way what type of helmet is your preferred? Thanks, Tommy.

Mark batham,  1 June 2016 at 09:57  

I love this Tank Cover and Luggage Racks, but have you have safety shoes or forget about it? I thought this is the most essential protection product. So whats your plan?
I have opt safety shoes online from here

Indusuno 19 March 2017 at 16:19  

Great luggage rails and these are so useful, I will consider this installation with my own bike. But i'll prefer to have the Safety Equipments like Safety Shoes for my feet protection, safety goggles for my eye safety & safety helmets for my head protection. Don't you think that these safety products are more essential?