Monday, May 02, 2016

It was a No!!

Helen took the K1300s out yesterday in the awful rain to see how she would fair on some tight hairpin corners. She had a good hours ride on urban 30mph roads to simulate the slow going that we doing passing through French villages at 50kph. She then had a blast over the moors to test the weather and wind protection. Unfortunately although she thought the lean to the bars wasn’t that much she ended up noticing that it was effecting her T5 joint in her back. Then later on yesterday evening she noticed her hands started to go numb and she also got pins and needles. This was the same feeling that she used to get on the BMW F800ST, which for the last 3 days of one of our tours made her unable to feel the controls of the bike, which was not good at all.

K1300S on Saddleworth MoorSo today I rode the bike back to Bowker Motorrad in the poring rain and she followed behind in the car. Kirk said if you wanted to get some bar risers they would fit them and let her test the bike again. But I suggested that she maybe try the R1200RS again but for a much longer time than she got from Williams BMW. After a brief chat we headed back home with Helen on her bike and me in the car and typically it had stopped raining by then. Although the rain has confirmed that I need a new helmet as the visibility was very poor after it started to mist up slightly on the way there.