Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Reeth Ice Cream Run

On Saturday we went on a rideout to Reeth for some ice creams. We headed over to Clitheroe by our usual roads and then followed our usual route to Settle via the minor backs roads of Sawley and Wigglesworth. Due to the upcoming horse fair at Appleby we came across several travellers walking there horses and caravans down  a national speed limit road.  We got by as best and as quietly as we could and then passed through Settle. We then joined the B6479 and headed for Horton in Ribblesdale. Just before we got to Stainforth several cars where flashing us with the international speed trap sign. I always go through Stainforth with care anyway due to cars pulling out and people Settle at Reethcrossing the road. Just on the other side of Stainforth on the straight bit just before the climb up the hill was a safety camera van (van location). I gave him a nice wave as I went passed. Anyway we continued on to Horton in Ribblesdale and stopped for lunch at our usual tearoom on the far side of Horton in Ribblesdale.

After lunch we left Horton in Ribblesdale and then soon arrived at Ribblehead Viaduct. We then followed the stunning B6255 to Hawes. We passed through Hawes and then turned off the main road to take the road over Buttertubs Pass to Muker. Unfortunately their was a cycle race going on so we had to overtake several mini pelotons on our way to Reeth. I had forgotten how bumpy the B6270 to Reeth is in, especially the bit between Gunnerside and Low Row. Due to my bike still only having done around 1000 miles the suspension is still fresh and hard. This resulted in me leaving my seat and the pegs at one point, fortunately I wasn’t going very quickly and my feet came back down on the pegs. We soon arrived in Reeth and parked up in the middle of the cars and went for some ice creams.

We left Reeth and headed back the same way we had come and then stopped in Settle for coffee and cake at the  Ye Olde Naked Man Cafe. We left Settle and headed home via the usual route of Wigglesworth, Sawley, Sabden and the A56/M66.